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980 Silicone Roof Coating - upamfva - 26-04-2022 05:30 AM

980 Silicone Roof Coating

Rust-Oleum 980 Silicone Roof Coating is a high solids, 100% silicone based roof coating that creates a durable, breathable, watertight and weatherproof barrier that resists natural weathering and reflects heat from the sun. 980 Silicone Roof Coating resists ultraviolet radiation and adapts to temperature extremes to provide long-term weathering protection and energy savings. The premium high solids formula allows for one coat application without the use of a primer. 980 Silicone Roof Coating can be applied over spray applied polyurethane foam; aged single-ply roofs including PVC, EPDM, TPO, Hypalon®; aged acrylic coatings; concrete; asphalt built-up roofs; granulated modified bitumen; metal; RV and trailers roofs; and over existing silicone roof coatings. 980Silicone Roof Coating contains no solvents. Get more news about Silicone Roofing Sealant,you can vist our website!

100% silicone, 98% solids - allows for one coat application.
84% reflectivity
Resists ponding water
Resists rain after 2 hours
Lifetime performance
Silicone caulk is far superior to polyurethane for certain applications. It adheres very well to almost any material but it does not adhere well to wood surfaces. Also, silicone caulk is not paintable, so be careful about where you use it. The silicone in the caulk prevents the paint from bonding with the caulk. On the other hand, it is ideal for wet or exterior surfaces because it holds up well in sunlight and extreme temperatures. Most manufacturer warranties are twenty years. It costs about twice as much as polyurethane caulk but it will last twice as long.