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What Is an Electric Wheelchair?
17-02-2022, 11:23 AM
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What Is an Electric Wheelchair?
The Portable electric wheelchair -- also known as motorized or powered Electric wheelchair, is an eight- or six-wheel chair powered by a motor which runs on one or two batteries. The wheelchairs can be operated with the joystick and do not require muscle strength in the upper body. The electric wheelchair rental options powered by electricity differ from standard, simple wheelchairs that are suitable for short-term use, to highly customized options for larger and more extensive needs.
Cory Lee, 31, of Georgia has been using wheelchairs since four years old. He's also a frequent traveler--he's hot air ballooned in Israel and floated in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and had a run-in with the hippopotamus of South Africa. He's also is an expert in traveling in wheelchair. Through his life, Lee is a frequent user of various sizes and kinds of wheelchairs. He also knows the importance of selecting the right one.
Best electric wheelchairs at prices similar to those that are used by Lee fall under a category known as complex rehabilitation technology also known as CRT. "These wheelchairs are measured and built specifically to meet each individual's unique needs," says Angie Kiger, a clinical education and strategy manager with Sunrise Medical, a California-based wheelchair manufacturer. The technology offers multiple positioning choices, advanced electronic and controls, as well as adjustments for orthopedic problems, and even accommodations for ventilators.
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