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Then why shower and wash your hair a lot of "hair loss"?
21-05-2021, 11:46 AM
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Then why shower and wash your hair a lot of "hair loss"?
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Hair loss is in the "telogen" cycle, so if the hair loss is imbalanced And have more hair into this phase Will have more hair loss

Other factors that cause a lot of hair loss when washing your hair
Before losing confidence until you have to count the hair that has fallen in the bathroom that there is too much or not. Let's look at these factors. Because if you fall into the following criteria It is considered normal.

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Thick hair - If someone has thick hair or thick hair. May be found to have more than 100 strands of hair loss, which is normal. Since people with thick hair will have more hair overall than others already. The chance that the hair will fall, so there is a greater proportion as well
When was the last time you shampooed your hair? - When we wash your hair with shampoo. And conditioner that hair Will stimulate the scalp Causing the hair in the telogen phase to be stimulated And ready to fall out This usually happens a few days after washing your hair, so you may experience larger amounts of hair loss.
When was the last time you combed your hair? - In the case of combing hair, it has a similar principle to shampoo. Because of the fact that the brush is in contact with the scalp Is equal to stimulating the scalp as well So you can notice that the amount of hair loss Or the hair that is attached to the comb will come out a lot of hair

Stress can cause hair loss!
Allowing yourself to stress is another cause of hair loss as well. Research from 2017 found that "stress" stimulates our hair to enter the telogen phase more. Therefore found that there were more hair loss Because I am at the stage where the hair root cells have died
Whether it is stress on the body such as illness, weight loss or stress that affects emotion. Are all linked with the amount of hair that can fall off

So how to help reduce the loss of hair. It is to protect yourself from stress. It may find the cause of stress. To solve the problem to the point. In addition, health care should be done in parallel. Get enough sleep, exercise, and meditation, as well as eating foods rich in minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin D, iron, zinc, selenium, to help improve hair health.

When should I contact my doctor?
If you do not feel that stress causes hair loss. It may be caused by some other malfunction as well. Which usually The hair will not shed patches, but will fall all over the head, so if you start to notice that your hair is noticeably thinner Should not be silent
Or if there are patches of hair loss or multiple spots But not all over the head It may also be caused by a type of skin disease called Alopecia Areata, which is a skin immune defect caused by inflammatory cells surrounding the hair follicle. But it is a disease that can be treated Therefore should see a doctor To inhibit the destruction of hair roots
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Then why shower and wash your hair a lot of "hair loss"? - pippy - 21-05-2021 11:46 AM

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