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The Ketogenic Diet: What Is It? Tip#16
19-07-2021, 03:29 PM
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The Ketogenic Diet: What Is It? Tip#16
If you're interested in going keto, you will have reduce your carb intake. It's a very low carb, high-fat, moderate protein diet. There are many diets that have been modeled following the ketogenic diet comprise modified Paleo, Atkins Diet (its initial phase in particular), South Beach Diet and Atkins Diet. Keto is an option for all people, as vegetarians and vegans can attain ketogenesis. You should eat foods with the highest natural fat content and avoid food items that contain trans-fats. Low-glycemic fruit is rich in fiber and you should also consider eating avocados (also for fat) along with other fruits. Consume a lot of green, red and yellow vegetables. Check this Custom Keto Diet for an idea.

The following are some of the most common keto diets:
Meat (grass fed and free-range are the best) such as pork, chicken beef, eggs, and chicken. Vegans will need vegetable protein sources
Nuts & seeds
High-fat dairies such as cream, whole butter, and hard cheeses
Leafy greens
Fish and other seafood
Pure butter, coconut oil, olive oil and vegetable oils rich with omega 3

Here are some tips to keep in mind
Any food made up of starch (even organic, whole grain)
A majority of fruits are loaded with sugar (which is why they are so sought-after)
All foods that are low-fat
Omega-6-rich vegetable oils that are high in omega-6 and low in omega-3
This guide will show you which type of fat is ideal for you.

Some keto dietters are known to add coffee and alcohol (minus the cream milk or sugar) to their diets in moderate amounts. Others prefer to avoid it. You can try experimenting with these beverages to find the one that works for you.

Here's a sample of a Keto meal:

Bacon and meat roll-ups made of ground (163 calories. 14.3g saturated fat. 7.64g protein per serving.
Loaded cauliflower (199 Calories, 17g Fat 3 net Carbs, and 8g of protein per serving)
Bone broth (72 calories; 6g fat, 0.7% net carbs; 3.6 g protein per mug)
You can't have carbs!
Humans have relied on carbohydrate rich food items as the basis of their diets for the duration of the history of humanity. Carbohydrates are a great source of calories, and are the body's most preferred energy source.

Our current world is marked by industrial agriculture, caloric surplus, and sedentary life styles. We often rely too heavily on carbs and don't know how to limit it. The glucose from excess carbs is quickly metabolized by the body, but is stored as fat when not being used. The result? A massive increase in the amount of obesity. A ketogenic diet trains your body to rely on fats from your diet to fuel you through the conversion of fat into ketones and free fat acids (FFAs). This state of metabolism can be referred as ketosis. In order to achieve ketosis, your body has to reduce your intake of carbs to boost the ketones production. Limit your intake of carbs to 30-50g net carbs. Your body will then be forced to rely on food oil to fuel itself.

Your Body is on Keto
Carbohydrates are usually broken down to glucose, which is your primary source for energy. The glucose that isn’t used is converted into glycogen which is stored in the liver and muscles to be used in the future. The ketogenic diet alters this. The ketogenic diet changes this. The body goes into ketosis following a diet with very low amounts of carbs. Instead, fats are converted to energy through oxidation, producing ketones. Fat burns more slowly than glucose, which can give you quick bursts. If you adhere to the ketogenic diet, you'll be able to stay away from sugar cravings by not eating too many carbs. The ketogenic diet will help in reducing overeating as unsaturated fats are more satisfying. Studies have shown that ketones possess neuroprotective properties.

The Adjustment Phase The Adjustment Phase: Adjusting to Keto
The body is resistant to change, so side effects such as the keto flu (also known as keto flu) could appear within the first few weeks. The keto flu could cause fatigue, nausea, and dizziness. The body's response is for you to recognize that it's resisting the temptation to give up carbs and start using fat as a fuel source. The ketogenic diet releases fatty acids from body fat, and insulin levels decrease. As insulin levels drop, your kidneys excrete more water. This will cause an increase in trips to the bathroom (and an increase in the amount of sodium and potassium). Your blood pressure might fall as a result. A low blood pressure can result in fatigue or dizziness, and also sudden weakness. There is also the possibility of experiencing leg cramps due to dehydration.

Increase your fluid and electrolyte intake to combat these symptoms, particularly in the initial few weeks of following a ketogenic diet. Also, vegetable broth and bone broth can be helpful. A different consequence of ketosis is hypoglycemia and low blood sugar. Being tired, hungry or shaking is a sign that your body is adjusting to the new diet. Keto adaptation has been shown to result in a decline in physical performance. The following is a review of studies that looked at the effect of ketogenic diets on physical performance:

Anaerobic (i.e. weight lifting or sprinting) results are slowed due to the low muscle glycogen levels triggered through ketogenic diet. This would strongly discourage its use in most situations of competitive sports. If you are an athlete who depends on your performance in order to keep your spot (or the job you hold if you are a professional) If you are, then going keto in-season may not be the best choice.

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