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Meta faces lawsuits in South Africa for alleged antitrust violations
15-03-2022, 09:26 AM
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Meta faces lawsuits in South Africa for alleged antitrust violations
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Meta is being prosecuted in South Africa. After the country's competition commission found unparalleled intent to block government startup GovChat and #LetsTalk from using the WhatsApp Business API.

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The watchdog, which has been investigating allegations of unfair behavior against startups since March 2021, has referred Meta (formerly Facebook) to a competition court case. which settles complaints about strict practices and abuse of power.

In reference, the regulator recommends that Meta pay the "maximum fine" – a fine of 10% of the US company's domestic turnover.The commission accused Facebook of threatening to block GovChat and #LetsTalk from using the WhatsApp Business API “in or around” July 2020,

adding that Facebook had imposed unfair restrictions on data usage by default. by limiting the ability to innovate and develop new products and Services that may compete with Meta products The terms and conditions

governing access to the WhatsApp Business API are designed to protect and shield Facebook from potential competition, such as potential competition from GovChat and the massive amount of data it can harvest. This enables the development of new services and products. The regulator said in a statement.
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