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How you can buy dumps with pin at website legitdumps.com ??
29-04-2022, 08:28 AM
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How you can buy dumps with pin at website legitdumps.com ??
What are dumps? In short, this is information from the card written to a file. This can be done using a writing encoder through which the card is passed, or using a skimmer that is placed on the ATM. Why are dumps taken? There are several options here.

First. The dump from the card is taken by the merchant of debit cards if the customer buys cards in this form There is enough of a non-beeping encoder worth about 3000 rubles. The customer downloads the dump, the seller sends him the pincode, after which the original card is disposed of, and with the recorded dump it is used for cashing.

This option is absolutely not criminal. In theory, if the customer's people are caught with such cards at the ATM, they can try to sew an article about counterfeiting the cards. But since the money has not been stolen from the cardholders, the charge under this article will fall apart.

The second option is criminal. Dumps are removed using a skimmer installed on an ATM in order to steal money from the cardholder. Dumps are recorded on plastic, there are pincodes. So it is not difficult to cash out money from these dumps at an ATM.

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