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How are surfaces insulated?
20-05-2022, 08:24 AM
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How are surfaces insulated?
surface insulation
Insulation is a process in which special materials are used to protect buildings and surfaces or mitigate the effects of external or internal factors that may affect the comfort of the occupants of these buildings. Insulation is of three main types, and they are as follows.

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Types of surface insulation
Waterproofing: It means the use of certain materials that act as a barrier that prevents the leakage of water and moisture to and from the building parts. This type of insulation is used on the parts of the building that contain what is known as the internal surfaces such as: (bathrooms, toilets, ...), and the external surfaces. Such as: (roofs, balconies, swimming pools, ...)

Thermal insulation: In this type, heat insulating materials are used that prevent their leakage from inside the building to the outside in the winter, and prevent their leakage from outside the building to the inside in the summer, with the aim of maintaining a moderate temperature inside the building.
Acoustic insulation: This type aims to prevent sound from leaking from inside to outside the building, and from outside to inside it.

The method of insulating surfaces
When insulating roofs, the three previous types of insulation are applied using the following:

Thermal insulation of the roof:
Using liquid granules (Loose fil): These granules are placed in the voids in the ceiling, as well as in the corners and empty places, and this was done by using a special tool that compresses air.

Felt blanket: These panels are attached to the ceilings with nails and are placed especially in the spaces in the ceilings.
Using rock wool: This method is one of the best thermal insulation methods for roofs.

Roof waterproofing:
Flexible materials that insulate water and moisture, such as:
Metal plates, preferably used by many, because they act as a barrier to moisture and water, and examples of them are lead plates, but their defect is that they rust when in contact with cement or lime, so they must be coated on both sides with bitumen, and there are also copper plates, and it is characterized as a strong insulator, but quickly It does not rust Unlike aluminum plates, which do not rust easily, and are very easy to process and operate.

Paper impregnated with bitumen, 10 cm thick.
Waterproofing Liquid (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM): Spray on the surface or paint with a brush, and after it should turn into a rubber-like substance.
Materials added to concrete, where water and moisture insulating materials are added to the building concrete, and this method is added by adding these materials in the spaces in the concrete, from the most used materials in this process: iron powder, hydrated lime, sica, and acid fat.

Ceiling sound insulation: The sounds that come from the ceiling are mostly caused by the tools that we store on the ceiling, and to isolate their sound we use vibration dampers placed under these tools.

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