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18-08-2021, 01:04 PM
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Useful International Standardization Of Electrical SystemsAutomation Info. FastTip#84
International Standardization Of Electrical SystemsAutomation systems are being integrated into modern production lines as well as into organizational management systems. The mechanisms for automation can't be quickly adapted without significant losses. This is the case to all manufacturing businesses. The entire process runs smoothly due to this. Special foreign documents, specifically international standards, have been created to assist in each step of the process. A variety of worldwide ISO files, which cover both electrical and mechanical systems, is now available.

Small craft Remote mechanical steering systems (ISO 8848:2020) EN ISO 8848:2021
While the most advanced technologies are increasingly automated and human involvement in industrial processes is reduced remote control is still able to be used. These recommendations are as standards. One of the standards is EN ISO 8848:2021. This document covers the concept of the construction, installation, and evaluation of remote cable steering systems. It provides the interface point to jet drives or rudders. This document can be used to help guide three types of steering systems for different types types of boats.

Standard responsibility steering systems for small craft, featuring one or two outboard motors that have a total of over 15 kW of power and the sterndrive and rudder.
* Light duty steering system designed for small craft equipped with an outboard engine that can produce 15 kW to up to 40kW power.
Mini-jet steering is not available for personal watercraft.

Note The standard and lighter duty steering systems may be interchangeable. It's possible to use a normal-duty steering system on an aircraft designed to be used with a lower-duty system. A craft that has a standard duty system can't use a lighter duty steering system. Because they're mechanically distinct from other systems mini-jet steering systems can't be used on minijet crafts. This document does nothing about emergency steering methods.

This standard has a narrow profile and is only appropriate for certain categories. We suggest that you study more about it , and the various areas and parameters that it covers for your use and application.

Small craft Non-fire-resistant fuelgas hoses (ISO 8469:2021) EN ISO 8469:2021
In the technological area of human activity, electric transport has been a major innovation. But, the use of combustible materials has not been stopped. This class is therefore one of the most sought-after classes in terms of international standards that govern safety issues. EN ISO 8469.2021 is a significant international standard in this field. This document defines the requirements and assessments for non-combustible, fire-resistant hoses for transporting gas, ethanol, diesel fuel, or fuel mixed with FAME. It is intended to not exceed 0,34MPa for hoses with an internal dimension less than 10mm or 0,25MPa in small craft that have an internal dimensions greater than the 63mm. This applies to small craft with fuel systems permanently installed.

ISO 7840:2021 provides specifications for fire-resistant Hoses. ISO 10088:2013 has specifications for permanently installed fuel systems. If you're looking to purchase it, it is recommended to go over the annotations. They can be a great supplement to your collection which will be in line with the current standards and requirements of the global market.

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Useful International Standardization Of Electrical SystemsAutomation Info. FastTip#84 - FrankJScott - 18-08-2021 01:04 PM

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