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WinPE MCBoot VN Version 9.0.080722
11-07-2022, 07:58 PM
Příspěvek: #1
WinPE MCBoot VN Version 9.0.080722
WinPE MCBoot VN Version 9.0.080722

[Obrázky: th-GYFil8k8-Du6h8vd9wq-Evxx-Wt-OC7-Xd3yd.jpg]

WinPE MCBoot VN Version 9.0.080722

x64 | Language: English | File Size: 3.7 GB

Windows PE (WinPE) is a small operating system used to install, deploy, and repair Windows desktop editions, Windows Server, and other Windows operating systems.

This is the BOOT MENU for two MBR standards - legacy and UEFI-GPT
- Grub4 boot menu for Dos: Boot to PE Windows, Partition Wizard, Partition Guru, Konboot, Memtest, MHDD, ghost 11.5, HDD regenerator, Active Password Changer. .. and many other useful tools
- Win Pe includes: PE Win 11 pro x64, Win 10 pro x64, Win 10 pro x86, Win 8.1 pro x86, with complete recovery software on Mini Windows: Acronis TrueImage, Norton Ghost, Partition Wizard, Aomei Partition, Section Guru...
- Tools Dos Partition Wizard, Partition Guru, Konboot, Memtest, MHDD, ghost 11.5, hard drive regenerator, Active Password Changer
Support for virus scanning (Kaspersky Rescue, Avira Rescue, Eset, Dr.Web)
- Dos Grub2 tool
- Transfer interface in Dos and windows pe friendly.
* System update and bug fixes
- One-click upgrade supports creating USB-HDD boot easily and conveniently
- Update wifi driver for win pe x64-86, good support for new machines
- Update all lan, Wifi, vega, Graphics, NVIDIA Geforce GT drivers,
- Updated driver for card readers, USB 3.0-3.1 ports for portable set-top boxes
- Update installation Windows 7-8-10 AIO support install win
- Update Hiren't boot 10.0 final
- Win pe supports the following win versions
+ Update Mini Windows 10 32Bit,
+ Update Mini Windows 10 64Bit,
+ Update Mini Windows 11 64Bit,
+ Update Mini Windows 8.1 32Bit_lite
+ Support loading admin with temviewer,
+ Win mini xp: support for machines with a weak configuration
- Dos boot update with win x86 UEFI
- Updated support for machines with NVMe drives for Gen 11 laptops to find and display hard drives in
- fixed error Acronis true Image 2020 does not allow backup
- Fixed bug when booting win 8.1 pe app icons not showing on screen
- Fixed complete virtual disk error
- fix DrWeb antivirus software error 1746 on win pe x64
* update some programs to the latest version, get more detailed and complete information about the software.





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