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"Nivea Sun Triple Protect" combines 3X protection against UV, pollution and blue ligh
05-03-2021, 06:38 AM
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"Nivea Sun Triple Protect" combines 3X protection against UV, pollution and blue ligh
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How confident that sunscreen that you are using Provide enough protection to your skin. Recently, Nivea Sun has launched the latest sun protection product for boys. In the new normal era, "Nivea Sun Triple Protect" will meet the changing lifestyles of the present day looking for a skin protection aid than normal sunlight. And thanks to the exclusive innovation from NIVEA Sun, it provides 3X * protection to your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, pollution, and most importantly, the effects of blue light in the sun or blue light.

But not in the shade, it is safe from the effects of the bulllight. Because the blue light can be found on television screens or electronic devices โปรโมชั่น slotxo such as smartphones, tablets or computers. Causing us to face a dire near the sample Blue light together every day without knowing it. And inevitable Because this type of radiation is present in both sunlight And on screen devices as well, but the effect of blue light in the sun is intense and can hurt our skin, causing premature aging, including freckles, dark spots.

Nivea Sun wishes you a safe life in the sun. Introducing the latest innovation in skin protection from the sun 3X with "Nivea Sun Triple Protect", a lightweight sunscreen serum. Which in addition to being able to be absorbed into the skin quickly It also has superior protection performance with three times the protection of SPF 50 PA +++ sunscreen. Both UV, UVB and pollution, combined with Bluelight Protection Factor, a unique innovation that is effective in protecting the skin from the effects of blue light.

Blue light from the mobile screen 320 hours is as intense as seeing blue light from the sun just 1 minute because the blue light from the sun will hurt the skin causing premature skin including freckles, dark spots easier. So we should protect our skin every day with NIVEA Sun Triple Protect, which is available for young men. Choose together up to 3 formulas according to different lifestyles and skin types.

Starting with Nivea Sun Triple Protect, Extra Radiance & Smooth formula, a pink tube with the sweet scent of natural extracts from Hokkaido Rose (Hokkaido Rose). Helps to nourish the skin to look radiant, smooth and clear with aura for young men to show off the sun with confidence.

Followed by Nivea Sun Triple Protect Acne Oil Control formula, orange tube with Himalayan Salt or pink salt. In addition to helping to protect the skin from the sun and the effects of blue light, it also helps to get rid of repeated acne problems at the same time, making the skin look clear, not oily, and reduce acne problems from sunscreens.

And end with Nivea Sun Triple Protect Formula Protect Anti-Wrinkle Golden tube containing natural extracts like Seaweed from deep sea That helps protect the collagen in the skin from sun damage. Reduce wrinkles, even around the eyes It is another option to help women have clear, radiant skin and revitalize the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles at the same time.

Get ready to show off your clear skin Defy the sunshine in this coming summer with all three formulas of NIVEA Sun Triple Protect. It is available in size 40ml. Price 389 baht at leading department stores. And convenience stores nationwide
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