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05-09-2022, 09:20 AM
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When April Lee isn’t ripping singletrack or busting a move at a bike park, she’s probably coaching mountain bikers of all ages and abilities. But when she’s not doing that, she’s also an ER nurse in Salida, Colorado. Lee has been on more epic mountain bike adventures than she can recount, and she’s also treated a fair number of bike injuries at the hospital. Some things can’t be prevented — mountain biking comes with inherent risks.To get more news about hemostatic applicator 6g, you can visit rusuntacmed.com official website.

But many things can be avoided, or made less severe, through good preparation. Lee says that especially when playing in the mountains at altitude, being prepared for seemingly unlikely hazards, can save your life. Lee recommends that all mountain bikers keep essentials in their trail pack in three categories: warmth, medical issues, and bike tools. Even though Lee considers herself a minimalist packer, here’s a breakdown of what Lee always has in her bag.
MTB medical suppliesFor Lee, first-aid supplies are an obvious must-have. She says easy-to-pack items often get left behind by many because many riders just don’t consider the worst-case scenario, even on a short ride. Here’s what she brings.

Lee emphasizes that this is a minimalist approach that is all about temporary fixes to first aid emergencies. “If I needed more dressings because someone is really bleeding, then I’m taking someone’s clothes and cutting them up to use as a dressing — [even though] nothing about this would be sterile or really even that clean — my background as an ER nurse for 20+ years and a previous flight nurse on a helicopter at scene calls was all about packing quickly to get them in the air to definite care,” she says.

If someone is really hurt on the trail, your top priority should be getting their condition temporarily stabilized so you can call 911 and get them into the hands of medical professionals as quickly as possible.MTB repair kitLee likes to carry a pretty standard tool kit, along with both a hand pump and CO2. Her theory is, a couple more ounces in tools is better than walking down the mountain dragging a bike because of a fairly minor mishap.

Gear to help you stay warm in the mountainsFor instance, many people come to Salida to ride the Monarch Crest. It’s an epic ride, with several different descent options. Almost all of it is above treeline. The weather can be sunny, warm, perfectly clear, and calm in Salida, but just 20 miles up the road, even in August, there can be snow, wind, and below-freezing temperatures.

For her, and most mountain bikers, weight is important. It would be great to always have multiple layers, but no one wants to carry all that stuff unless it’s absolutely necessary. When the weather shifts unexpectedly, keeping your hands, feet, and head dry and warm should be your biggest concern. Here’s how she packs without packing on the weight.
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