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GUESS launches a special collection Perfectly blending the sweet past with the modern
06-04-2021, 06:14 AM
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GUESS launches a special collection Perfectly blending the sweet past with the modern
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GUESS launches a new collection, a collaboration between GUESS Originals and the brand PLEASURES, featuring GUESS '90s campaign images featuring fashion icon Drew Barrymore, a model of the time. Come back to create various designs On a variety of items for both men and women by GUESS ORIGINAL x PLEASURES DREW BARRYMORE will be released on March 30, 64 at GUESS at Central World Branch, Central Plaza Ladprao, and at Central Online only.

This collaboration between GUESS and PLEASURES marks the third time and is the largest ever to create a collection that maintains the identity of slotxo android GUESS and Drew. An icon of fully American The exclusive GUESS Original x PLEASURES collection was influenced by Drew Barrymore's 1994 campaign, portrayed by Wayne Master, with a wide variety of images that have not yet been released to fans. In retrospect, the 1994 campaign was a time when Drew was in the middle of the transition from a teenage star to the forefront of a multi-talented industry.

PLEASURES, the Los Angeles-based street fashion brand founded by Ales James and Vlad Elkin in 2015, has received an overwhelming welcome in the fashion industry. With its punk-inspired design, metal is a genre of music that, when heard, feels like it's back in the '90s. Since the brand was founded, PLEASURES has shown works with many world-famous fashion brands.

“The idea that Drew Barrymore inspired three years ago from a design piece by PLEASURES,” says brand director NIcolai Marciano. “Many people have been referring to the 1994 campaign. Of Drew every time when asked about some of GUESS's most memorable events and compared to the many models GUESS has worked with. The time working with Drew was a time when Drew was very well known. And today, the brand wants to bring back that sweet and sweet past to bring new generation of fans to know GUESS as it is.
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