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Before learning, you must learn How essential is your doctorate degree in your career
07-05-2021, 11:10 AM
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Before learning, you must learn How essential is your doctorate degree in your career
One option to find such a difficult situation Is continuing education joker123 wallet Children who have just completed a new bachelor's degree often take this opportunity to pursue a master's degree. While waiting for work While some are hesitant about whether to pursue a PhD. In this kind of economy May decide to study immediately But before I study Let's take a 360 degree look at yourself and what are your goals for pursuing PhD degree. And then apply for study, it's not too late

What is your PhD for?
A PhD, or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), is the highest degree of research focused on research.First of all, you should ask yourself what life goals you have, such as wanting to work in a private company, to reach the top of your Career Path, or to take the entrance exam. Serve To climb the highest C level Or want to use the knowledge that has been learned to create a better society Because the decision to pursue a doctorate degree You have to spend at least 4 years of your life on the course, some people take longer to graduate. Including the tuition fees that must be considered Because the price is very high Studying in Thailand for one year will be around two hundred thousand baht, but if being foreign, it will be more than 1 million baht per year, so you must have the resources available.

Which career is suitable for people with a doctorate degree?
Many people have a misconception that the higher the graduate. The base salary will be high as well. But the truth is In many career fields, over qualified staff are not required to be hired because there is no need to hire doctoral level staff.
However, there are still many jobs in which a doctoral degree can respond to work needs, including researchers or university professors. If it is in a foreign country If your research is of very high quality Can make a difference to the industry You will be wanted in various universities to attend as well. In order to be immersed in research for many years, you must be passionate. In what to do with Because of the statistics of doctoral students who drop studies out of up to 50% ever.

Best university in 2021
When you are confident in your goals for pursuing a doctorate degree, then go ahead and choose a university. By ranking Times Higher Education's Best Universities 2021 are based on five factors: research, teaching, research influence. Industry income And an international perspective Here are the results of the 10 best universities for 2021:

Number 1 University of Oxford, England
2nd Stanford University, USA
3rd Harvard University, USA
No. 4 California Institute of Technology, USA
No. 5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
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11-05-2021, 08:38 PM
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