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"Covid vaccine" should be injected when to stimulate. Which one is better to use?
28-07-2021, 06:30 AM
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"Covid vaccine" should be injected when to stimulate. Which one is better to use?
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Answer all questions about the 3rd dose of COVID-19 vaccination or the booster needle. that should be injected or not When should I inject? And which injections should be given to actually help prevent disease? From Dr. Thanee Thaniyawan (Doctor Tan), a specialist in pulmonary disease and a professor of medicine in the United States.

Why do we need the 3rd dose of COVID-19 vaccine or the booster?
The main reason why we may need a third dose or booster due to the COVID-19 outbreak New species such as the Delta (India) strain, as this strain is much easier to spread and transmitted from person to person than the original (Wuhan) and the earlier Alpha (British) strain. This makes vaccines that fight earlier strains less effective against the latest strain, Delta.

What is the best booster vaccine?
In Thailand, they are about to receive an mRNA vaccine like Moderna. Which the doctor said that it is a vaccine that helps to stimulate the immune system very well. and can prevent covid-19 Delta species are better than other species. But it's still not effective in preventing COVID-19. 100% Delta strain, with Moderna protecting against COVID-19 Species that spread in America (California) is about 94-95%, but with Delta species the protection is reduced to 60-70% only.

When should the booster vaccination be given?
If the first and second doses have been injected with an mRNA vaccine, such as Pfizer or Moderna, The third dose of booster vaccination is also not recommended, except for those with low immunity. organ transplant patients who recently took immunosuppressant drugs The third dose of vaccination may improve immunity. But it's not clear when to inject. For ordinary people who have received 2 injections, they should wait for the second generation mRNA vaccine from the vaccine manufacturer. which should be more beneficial

Should get vaccinated against COVID-19 Which one is a good stimulant needle?
not yet vaccinated
For people who have never been vaccinated Your doctor recommends any type of vaccination available at this time. (In Thailand, there are Sinovac, Sino Farm and AstraZeneca) to prevent severe symptoms from infection. And whenever there is an opportunity for an mRNA vaccine, a third booster dose of mRNA (Pfizer Moderna) should help boost immunity. Shouldn't wait for the first dose of mRNA vaccine because while waiting, you may be infected with COVID-19 and risk getting serious illness or not.

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